Best Car Rental Services in Singapore [2021 Comparison]

Meiling Tan
Row of cars

Renting or leasing a car in Singapore is a great alternative to purchasing your own car.

There’s no burden of ownership, for one. You don’t have to deal with depreciation and skyrocketing COE prices.

You also get much more flexibility, since you can simply return the car if you don’t need it for an extended period of time.

Today, we’ll cover:

  • the average cost of car rentals (daily and monthly rates)
  • the cheapest car rentals requiring no deposit
  • best car rental services for P-plate drivers
  • best long-term and luxury car rentals in Singapore
  • and what you should know before renting cars in Singapore

Let’s dig in.

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Average Price Range for Car Rentals in Singapore

We looked through over a dozen car rental services in Singapore and found that for short-term rentals of a basic passenger sedan, you can expect to pay anywhere from $46 to $130.

Going to a local car rental service is typically cheaper than using an international brand like Budget or Avis.

Here’s a quick chart to give you an idea of the cost per day:

Car rental Singapore daily rates chart

And car aficionados rejoice — it’s also possible to rent luxury or sports vehicles. You’ll pay significantly more (expect at least $200-$300 a day), but it sounds pretty sweet to have a Maserati as your wedding car.

Longer-term rentals get a discount, but it’s still rare to find a monthly car rental for under $1,000:

Car rental Singapore monthly rates chart

Evergreen comes close at a $1,050 starting monthly rate though.

In the next few sections, we’ll highlight a few car rental services and what they’re great for.

Cheapest Car Rentals in Singapore with No Deposit

Most car rental services require a deposit of anywhere between $100 to $1,000. You’ll get it back upon the safe return of the car, but it’s still a good chunk of change to pay out at the beginning.

Here are a few affordable ones that don’t need a deposit:

Door-to-Door Delivery?Daily RateEligibilityCan Be Driven to Malaysia?
Dream Car Leasing$60 – $13018 years old with valid driver’s licenseYes, with additional surcharge
Alpine Car RentalYes$90 – $25023 years old with two years’ driving experienceYes, with additional surcharge
AKA Car Rental$90 – $12018 years old with valid driver’s licenseNo

Best Car Rentals in Singapore for P-Plate Drivers

Looking around for a rental car for your driver-in-training? Here are three rental services that allow P-plate drivers:

Daily RateDepositInsurance
AKA Car Rental$90 – $120N/A$15,000 accident insurance excess
Island Car Rental$70 – $200$200 – $300$10,000 accident insurance excess
RideNow Car Rental$60 – $180$100 – $500$3,000 accident insurance excess

In case you’re wondering, accident insurance excess refers to the maximum amount you’ll pay out of pocket if you get into a collision. Anything beyond this amount and the insurance company will cover it.

That means that even though AKA Car Rental doesn’t charge a deposit, you may end up paying a small fortune if your learner driver happens to crash.

Best Long-Term Car Rentals Singapore

Long-term car rentals are popular with Singapore residents, expats, and corporate clients. We’ve detailed a few of the best options below given the level of service they offer:

Monthly RateCars AvailableServicing & RepairsChauffeur Available?
MyCarRental$1,480 – $3,500Wide RangeFull ServiceYes
Ace Drive$1,299 – $2,777Wide RangeFull ServiceYes
Alpine Car Rental$1,388 – $1,988Wide RangeMaintenanceYes
Evergreen Rent A Car$1,050 – $2,300Wide RangeMaintenance & GroomingNo

Best Luxury Car Rentals in Singapore

Maybe you’re looking to take your significant other on a fancy night out. Or maybe you want to try out your dream sports car and get that checked off your bucket list.

Here are a few rental services that will allow you to do just that:

Daily RateCars Available
Ace Drive$48 – $138Audi, BMW, Citroen, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche
LCH Car Rental$50 – $99Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz
Ethoz$100 – $260Mercedes-Benz, BMW
BizLink Rent-A-Car$70 – $180BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz

What to Know When Renting a Car in Singapore

Car rental agreements can be bothersome since each one has different terms and conditions. Miss the fine print and you may be liable for several unexpected charges.

Here are a few standard things you should know upfront to avoid paying far more than you expected to:

1. Only named drivers can receive and drive the car.

This is for insurance purposes. That means you can’t rent a car and then let your spouse drive it around unless he/she was named on the rental contract.

2. As a driver, you’ll usually need to be at least 22 years old.

You’ll also need to have at least two years of driving experience (or have had your driving license for two years, rather).

There are exceptions though: certain companies (named above) will rent cars to 18-year olds or P-plate drivers. They’ll even provide the provisional driver sticker for your convenience. 

3. Check what your rental insurance covers.

Make sure your coverage is adequate for why you’re renting the car.

Some car rental services will only cover injury to third parties and to their car. If for example, you drive the car to Malaysia, the insurance won’t cover damages to your rented vehicle there. The renter insurance may also have a very high “accident excess,” which means they’re passing on most of the liability to you.

4. You’ll pay more to rent cars over the weekend.

Certain drivers rent cars for the weekend, as it’s much cheaper than buying a car and then getting an off-peak license. Still, weekend rates tend to be higher than weekday rates unless you happen to find a sweet promo offer.

5. Check the timing by which you have to return the car.

Car rental companies typically have set timings and locations for car returns. If you don’t make it by that hour, you may have to pay late fees or the rental for the next day.

6. You’ll bear the cost of petrol, ERP, parking, and traffic fines on your own.

This is standard even if you’re renting a car in a different country, but we thought we’d mention it just to be thorough.

You’ll also have to return the car with a full tank of petrol in most cases. If you don’t, you may have to pay a penalty on top of the price of the fuel. (The penalty differs from company to company — some will charge $10, some will charge $50.)

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