Car Sharing Operators in Singapore: Which is Best?

Car Sharing Services in Singapore: Which is Best For You?

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to reflect additional stations for Tribecar and GetGo.

Having a car offers undeniable comfort and mobility. You get to travel to remote locations. You no longer need to jostle on the bus or worry about the next train disruption. But with Singapore being one of the most expensive places in the world to buy a car, owning a set of wheels is still out of reach for many. 

Enter car-sharing services. These are low-commitment and low-cost alternatives to buying a car.

Today, we’ll cover the 7 car-sharing operators in Singapore, including:

  • Rates
  • Type of vehicles
  • Flexibility / minimum commitment
  • Availability of stations and cars
  • What they’re good for (and not good for)

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Car Sharing Services in Singapore: An Overview

CostMin. CommitmentTypes of VehiclesAccessibilityDownsides
BlueSGDeposit: None

Basic: $8/mo
Premium: $18/mo

* $0.36/min
* Free 45 rental minutes/month for Premium members
None for basic members

6 months for Premium members
Three-door hatchback Electric Vehicles (EVs)380+ pick-up and drop-off stations around the island

Cars can be returned to other stations
Costly for longer durations

Smaller cars
TribecarDeposit: $100 for Singapore citizens, $1,000 for non-citizens.

Membership: Not required, but there’s a subscription available for regular users

Cost (for Economy Sedan):
Super off-peak: $2.14/hr
Off-peak: $4.82/hr
Peak: $6.96/hr

(Full price list)
NoneMotorcycles, sedans, MPVs, vans, SUVs, EVs750+ locations 

Cars must be returned to same station
Additional $100 deposit and 30% surcharge for drivers under 24 years and/or less than 2 years of local driving experience
Car ClubDeposit: $100

Basic: $9 for first hour on weekdays + $0.40/km (petrol)
Value Plan: $50 driving credit a month with slightly lower rates than the Basic Plan
Lady’s Plan: $8 for first hour on weekdays + $0.30/km (petrol) with first 4km free
1 yearMPVs, SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, lady’s cars, pet-friendly vehicles and more110+ pick-up stations

Cars must be returned to same station
Membership credits do not carry over to the next month
CarLiteDeposit: $100

Membership: None

Mon – Fri, 12am – 5pm: From $1 per 15 minutes
Any other timing: From $1.60 per 15 minutes
NoneSedans, MPVs, SUVs80+ stations

Cars must be returned to same station
No refunds on early returns
ShariotDeposit: $100

Membership: None

Super off-peak: From $1/hr
Off-peak: From $3/hr
Peak: From $5/hr
None3 vehicle classes: Saver (smaller cars), Standard, and Plus (largest cars)100+ stations

Cars must be returned to same station
No refunds on unused hours after booking
GetGoDeposit: None

Membership: None

Off-peak: From $3/hr
Normal: From $5/hr
Peak: From $7/hr
NoneEVs, MPVs, SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks1,100+ stations

Cars must be returned to same station
Hourly rate can be expensive compared to Shariot or Tribecar
WhizzcarDeposit: $100 + $107 one-time registration fee

Whizz-Ezzy: None
Standard: $10.70/mth
Extra Value: $64.20/mo minimum with $60 in driving credits

From $10.86 for the first hour
From $4.90 for subsequent half-hour blocks
Minimum 1 year except for the Whizz-Ezzy planSedans, MPVs, cargo vans50+ stations

Cars must be returned to same station
Pricey with its half-hour block extensions

1. BlueSG

BlueSG - Car Sharing Services in Singapore

BlueSG is the ideal option for eco-conscious drivers. The car sharing service is the only operator in the market that focuses on electric vehicles. That means there’s no petrol required — and you don’t have to worry about excess mileage fees.

BlueSG only has one choice of vehicle: the compact Bolloré Bluecar. This 67 horsepower electric vehicle can seat four adults comfortably and go as far as 200km on a single charge. 

One major plus point is that BlueSG allows you to return their cars at any of their 380+ stations islandwide. That offers a lot of flexibility for those just looking to make a quick trip.

To rent a BlueSG car, you need to be at least 20 years old with 12 months of driving experience.

Rates are by the minute rather than per hour. This is both good and bad: it saves you money if you’re only making a short trip, but it could also end up to be quite a bit more than the other car sharing operators if you’re taking it for a few hours.

At $18, the Premium membership is worth it if you anticipate using BlueSG for 3 quick trips a month. You get 45 free rental minutes monthly (a $16.20 value), which means your membership only costs $1.80 a month.

BlueSG is Ideal For

Those who prefer flexibility and just want to get from point A to B. At times BlueSG can even be cheaper than taking a ride-hailing service.

2. Tribecar

Tribecar - Car Sharing Operator in Singapore

Tribecar is a car sharing service with fleets of cars parked at over 270 locations. Beyond cars, the operator also has a diverse fleet of vehicles for rental, including motorcycles, vans and lorries.

Unlike BlueSG, you’ll need to return Tribecar vehicles to the same car park you picked it up from. But the good thing is that hourly rates are significantly cheaper than BlueSG’s — you can take the vehicle out for the whole day and return it to the station when you’re done.

There’s no membership system, but fees for an economy sedan are between $2.14 to $6.96 an hour, depending on the time of the day. There are also daily and weekly rates for drivers who need the car for longer durations.

You’ll pay extra for petrol costs with Tribecar. Make a note of the fuel requirements for the model you rent: some models need to be returned with a full tank of petrol, while others require just enough fuel that the fuel lights don’t turn on.

The minimum driving experience to book a Tribecar is two years, but if you have less than that, you can still apply subject to additional requirements. Singaporeans and PRs will pay a refundable deposit of $100; foreigners will pay $1,000.

And an extra perk? Tribecar vehicles can be driven into Malaysia.

Fair warning though: Tribecar doesn’t seem to have great customer service. There’s no listed phone number you can call, so you have to email them for any enquiries…or refund of your deposit. Sometimes getting a reply can take 2-3 days, so we wouldn’t recommend them if you’re in a hurry.

Tribecar is Ideal For

Those looking to transport stuff or drive up to Malaysia on occasion. Tribecar has the most diverse fleet of vehicles.

3. Car Club

Car Club - Car Sharing Operator in Singapore

With over 22 years of experience, Car Club is a pioneer in Singapore’s car sharing scene. Its fleet of cars is spread out across 110+ stations in Singapore.

Car Club offers three types of memberships:

  • The Basic Plan for those who simply want to pay per use
  • The Value Plan for members who know they’ll be using Car Club regularly and want a discounted rate for their patronage
  • The Lady’s Plan, which offers the same rates as the Value Plan but doesn’t require monthly top-ups

Take note that mileage and rental costs are separate fees: you’ll need to cover both.

Car Club is Ideal For

Those who are looking for personalised promotions will be pleased to know that you can get discounts based on your usage patterns with Car Club. The more you rent from them, the bigger your discount.

4. CarLite

CarLite - Car Sharing Operator in Singapore

CarLite is the car sharing arm of CL Leasing, a car rental company that’s been in business since 2013.

At the time of writing, they were offering promotional pricing for all their cars: depending on the type of vehicle and the timing of your booking, you could get up to 40% off.

What we like about this operator is their commitment to customer service. Despite the occasional negative review, it seems Car Lite does make an effort to reach out to every customer and address their concerns. 

The one downside is that with only 80+ stations islandwide, they’re one of the least accessible car sharing operators (next to Whizzcar).

CarLite is Ideal For

Those for whom customer service is a priority. CarLite has a good record of quick bookings and responsive support.

5. Shariot

Shariot - Car Sharing Operator in Singapore

If the punny name wasn’t enough of a draw for you, Shariot’s competitive rates might be. At $5/hr at peak periods for the Shariot Saver, this car sharing operator is one of the most affordably priced services.

Shariot tends to focus more on heartland locations, which means you won’t find many stations if you live in the central region. This is a bit of a bummer, since they only have 100+ stations islandwide as it is. As with most operators on this list, you’ll have to pick up and return vehicles at the same location.

To book a car, you have to top up the Shariot e-wallet system (Shariot Wallet) and make your booking there. You won’t have to pay extra for fuel, but you’ll have to return the car with at least ¼ tank full or penalties apply.

Shariot is Ideal For

Drivers who prefer off-peak hours or who love a good deal. Their super off-peak and off-peak rates start at $1 and $3 per hour, which is the lowest in town.

6. GetGo

GetGo - Car Sharing Operator in Singapore

GetGo may be a new player in the Singapore market, but they’ve certainly launched with a bang. At 1,100+ stations islandwide, this operator is one of the most accessible in the country.

You’ll also notice how GetGo tries to make car sharing a fuss-free process: you won’t have to pay a cash deposit or membership fees here. They used to have a pre-authorisation charge of S$200, but they’ve since done away with it to make the service even more streamlined for users.

GetGo cars cost between $3 to $12 per hour depending on when you book. While there’s no fuel charge per se, there is a “mileage charge”: anywhere between $0.25-0.39 per kilometre.

Importantly, GetGo also takes care of refuelling, saving precious time for users who don’t like refuelling first thing during each rental.

GetGo drivers have to be at least 19 and have a year of driving experience with no major traffic violations or incidents, or at least 25 years old with no driving experience required.

GetGo is Ideal For

Drivers who don’t want to pay cash deposits/membership fees or go through tedious verification processes. Users simply download the GetGo app, sign up using Singpass MyInfo, and they’re ready to book a car.

7. WhizzCar

WhizzCar - Car Sharing Operator in Singapore

WhizzCar is probably the smallest player on this list, but they’ve been offering car services in Singapore for the past 15 years. They have 50+ stations, mostly located in the heartlands.

Whizzcar charges a $107 registration fee along with their $100 refundable deposit. Unlike Car Club, Whizzcar allows you to carry unused credits forward if you’re on their Extra Value Plan. This requires a minimum usage of $60 per month, so only opt for this plan if you know you’re going to use the service regularly.

Whizzcar’s quoted rates include petrol and limited free mileage. There’s an additional charge of $0.43/km when you exceed the free mileage.

Whizzcar is Ideal For

Drivers who only use the car during business hours (8am to 7pm), as their discounted rental plan is more competitive than others on this list.

What to Consider With Car Sharing Services

With car sharing services around, Singaporeans can continue to enjoy the freedom and functionality of having a car — without the hefty bill. 

But before you go ahead and book a car, consider other factors such as parking, ERP, and late penalty fees. These can add up, making it better to just take a Grab in many cases. Most car sharing providers also don’t offer child seats, so keep that in mind if you’re looking to rent to ferry your family around.

It’s also wise to check the accessibility of pick-up and drop-off locations before you sign up for any long-term membership plans.