A Guide to Part-Time Jobs for Students 16 Years and Above

Shania Wong
Part-Time Jobs for Students 16 Years Old and Above

Getting a part-time job over the school holidays doesn’t sound like a bad idea. You get extra pocket money, exposure to the working world, and perhaps even a few new friends.

But what sort of part-time jobs can students get in Singapore? And what do you need to know before applying?

Today, we’ll cover: 

What Counts as Part-time Employment?

A part-time employee is a person under a contract of service to work less than 35 hours a week. All part-time employees are covered by the Employment Act in Singapore.

What to Be Aware of in Your Contract of Service

As mandated by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), part-time employee contracts must specify your:

  • Hourly basic rate of pay
  • Hourly gross rate of pay (the hourly basic rate plus allowances)
  • Number of working hours per day or per week
  • Number of working days per week or per month

If any of these were left out by your employer at the time of the contract signing, don’t be afraid to point them out and clarify.

It’s also good to know that all part-time employees are entitled to overtime pay at the following rates: 

  • Overtime pay at your basic hourly rate: When your shift exceeds your daily working hours but is less than a full-time employee’s normal hours.
  • Overtime pay at 1.5x your basic hourly rate: When your shift exceeds a full-time employee’s normal hours.

Minimally, you’re entitled to one rest day a week. You also get public holidays off with your pay prorated based on how many hours you’re working. (For example, if a full-time employee typically works 44 hours but you work 22, you should get half of the full-timer pay for a public holiday.)

If your employer requires you to work on a public holiday, you should get:

  • Basic rate of pay for 1 day’s work
  • Amount entitled to for a public holiday
  • One day’s travel allowance if included in the contract

Where Can You Find Part-Time Jobs?

There are many ways you can find part-time jobs: it just depends on what you’re applying for and what skills you have.

For jobs like sales assistants and F&B servers, the fastest way would be to carry along a copy of your resume and some courage, then walk into the store you’re interested in and ask the manager if they’re hiring.

If you’re looking for skilled work, your best bet would be to go through job advertising platforms such as Indeed SG, fastjobs SG, GumTree, and so on. You can also apply directly to companies you’re interested in by sending in your resume for part-time or internship positions. 

Alternatively, there are many Telegram groups that advertise part-time jobs in Singapore. These jobs get taken up really quickly, so usually the fastest fingers get them (especially event jobs!). Some of the groups you could look up include:

  • Part Time Jobs Available
  • SG Job Hub – Student
  • Singapore Part Time Jobs
  • Singapore Events Jobs

If you find yourself stuck and out of luck, you can approach recruiting agencies such as Recruit Express and Adecco. These agencies will allocate you an agent and supply you with a list of jobs that you can apply for based on your resume. The downside is that they’ll take a commission, which translates into a lower base pay for you.

Part-Time Job Recommendations 

Now that you know where to source for your part-time jobs, here are some job recommendations. We’ve sorted these based on:

For Those Who Want to Work With Friends

1. Flyer distribution

This can be an exhausting job as it requires you to commit long hours — or until the flyers have been fully distributed. Despite this, it’s an easy job with not much that can go wrong. Companies distributing flyers usually hire a few people at a time, so you and your friends can always apply together. 

Skills required: 

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Proactiveness when approaching passersby
  • The ability to make a good first impression (smile, make eye contact, and so on)

Pay range: $8-10/hour or $50-70 per 1,000 copies

What you can learn from this job:

  • How to step out of your comfort zone and approach strangers
  • How to keep a conversation going with your audience
  • How to be friendly and approachable

2. Packing jobs

These jobs require manual labour and heavy lifting at times, so they usually prefer hiring male applicants. Packing jobs usually provide transport to the warehouse and you may have to work odd hours (like graveyard shifts or early morning till midday). 

Skills required: 

  • Ability to lift heavy loads
  • Ability to work at odd hours
  • Good dexterity and attention to detail

Pay range:

  • $8-10 (weekdays)
  • $10-15 (weekends)
  • Transport from the nearest MRT to the packing warehouse is usually provided

What you can learn from this job:

  • Coordination
  • Insights into the logistics and supply chain scene

3. Customer service, sales assistants, F&B crew, banquet and events staff

These jobs are the most prevalent and easiest to get started with. No specific skill sets are needed except for banquets, which may require you to serve customers in a certain way. In those cases, new staff will receive training during the onboarding process.

Skills required: 

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Proactive engagement of customers
  • Patience to manage difficult customers

Pay range:

  • $8-10 (weekdays)
  • $10-15 (weekends) 

What you can learn from this job:

  • How to handle different types of customers
  • How to adapt to a fast-paced work environment
  • Patience, persuasion and clear communication skills

4. Telemarketing

Telemarketing allows you to work indoors or remotely, but it requires a ton of cold calling. You’ll face tons of rejection as skeptical customers may think you’re scamming them or selling products they don’t want. You may also frequently encounter rude, harsh, or even weird customers.  

Skills required: 

  • Ability to be thick-skinned and handle rejection
  • Patience and persistence
  • Interpersonal skills

Pay range:

  • $8-10 
  • Some places may also include commissions for successful sales or conversions

What you can learn from this job:

  • How to develop and maintain a positive attitude
  • How to drive sales
  • How to become a better listener

For Students Who Want a Taste of the Working World

1. Admin assistants

If you’re looking for corporate experience, this is the fastest way to get your foot in the door. As an entry-level job, it doesn’t require much in the way of experience — but it does need you to be a keen learner and organised worker. Your tasks generally include basic data entry and helping out with other ad-hoc tasks.

Skills required: 

  • Basic Microsoft Excel knowledge 
  • Keen eye for details
  • Precision when tabulating or keying in data
  • Willingness to learn

Pay range: $8-$10/hour or $800-$2,000/month

What you can learn from this job:

  • What a corporate working environment is like
  • Multiple transferable skills such as liaising with different departments, filing and recording documents, multitasking, and so on
  • Data organisation

2. Internships

Internships are another great way to kickstart your resume. It also gives you greater flexibility to choose the type of position you want within the company with little to no experience required. This is a good opportunity to get hands-on with roles you’re interested in pursuing after your tertiary education.

Skills required: 

  • Willingness to learn
  • Positive attitude
  • Time management and adaptability

Pay range:

  • $8-$10/hour or $500-$1,000/month

What you can learn from this job:

  • Problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Networking skills
  • Other hard and soft skills relevant to the internship position

Students Saving up for Big Purchases

1. Brand ambassadors

Being a brand ambassador is different from being an influencer in that you don’t need a massive following before brands approach you. As a brand ambassador, interested brands will reach out to you if they think your persona matches their product image. You’ll need to attend promotional events and actively network with others to get to this point, though!

Skills required: 

  • Social media copywriting
  • Networking and open communication
  • Passion towards a cause that resonates with the brand

Pay range:

  • $16-$20/hour or per social media post

What you can learn from this job:

  • How to establish an online presence
  • Digital marketing
  • Authentic communication and strategic content planning

2. Tutors or Dance/Sport/Art instructors

This is one of the higher-paying part-time jobs for students, with rates varying according to the subject and experience you have. Tutors will need to prepare their own teaching materials for their students beforehand. Dance/sport/art instructors, on the other hand, need to be experts at the relevant techniques.

Skills required: 

  • Ability to convert difficult concepts into simpler bite-sized chunks
  • Patience, confidence, communication
  • Technical knowledge in the subject matter you will be instructing

Pay range:

  • $20-$40/hour

What you can learn from this job:

  • Effective communication
  • How to develop a listening ear
  • Problem solving skills and adaptability

3. Caregivers

This is a lesser-known option. The typical duties of a part-time caregiver usually include assisting your audience with personal care such as grooming, toileting, exercise, etc. It may also involve basic food preparation and some household chores depending on your employer.

Skills required: 

  • Patience and empathy
  • Positive demeanor
  • Flexibility and some problem-solving skills

Pay range:

  • $16-$20/hour

What you can learn from this job:

  • Compassion, better communication, and time management skills
  • Developing a keen eye for detail
  • Proactiveness

4. Singers & Emcees

Have you had the opportunity to be the speaker for your school’s celebrations before? Being an emcee is similar to that. You’ll need to capture the attention of the audience, direct it at something (e.g. married couple, game, video, etc.), and keep it there. Being a public singer, however, is somewhat less taxing: all you need is a good voice, a song repertoire, and a band to accompany you.

Skills required: 

  • Public speaking
  • Charisma and confidence
  • Ability to think on your feet and be creative

Pay range:

  • $50/hour

What you can learn from this job:

  • Improvisation and adaptability on the spot
  • Public speaking and effective communication while keeping things lighthearted
  • How to engage an audience and control their emotions

Those Looking for Flexibility in Their Work

1. Food delivery

Food delivery staff are accepted anywhere and everywhere, especially with the prevalence of GrabFood, Foodpanda, and Deliveroo. The flexibility that comes with the job is the biggest plus point as you can choose your work hours and break times as you wish. Here, you earn per delivery order, and some customers may be nice enough to tip you!

Skills required: 

  • Map awareness
  • Ability to ride a bicycle
  • Time management

Pay range: About $4-$6 per order along with the occasional tip. The more orders you work, the more you’ll earn daily.

What you can learn from this job:

  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Interpersonal and effective verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work well under pressure in a fast-paced environment

2. Remote work/freelancing

Remote workers and freelancers are essentially people who are taking on jobs that allow them to work from home part time. They offer clients a skill in return for compensation. For example, graphic design for logos, copywriting, virtual assistant, etc. As long as you have a skill to offer, you can become a freelancer. You also set the prices for the services you offer, and have full flexibility to accept or decline any client. 

Skills required: 

  • Sales and marketing
  • A skill to offer (e.g. Graphic design, writing, sewing & crochet)
  • Time management

Pay range: $10-$30/hour, but you can determine the exact pricing for your services

What you can learn from this job:

  • Discipline, balance, and personal branding
  • Building good client relationships
  • How to develop your individual portfolio

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Comparing Part-Time Job Recommendations

Too many jobs for you to choose from? Fret not! Here’s a summary we’ve put together for you: 

RoleSkills NeededPay Range/Hour
Flyer distributorAble to stand long hours, approach people proactively, and take rejection$8-$10/hour (or) $50-$70 per 1,000 copies
Packing (manual labour)Able to carry heavy loads and work long hours$8-$10 (weekdays)$$10-$15 (weekends) 
Customer service, sales assistants, banquet or event staffInterpersonal communication, approaching people, and stamina to work long hours. $8-$10 (weekdays)$$10-$15 (weekends) 
TelemarketerCourage, persistence, and the ability to take rejection$8-$10 (some places may include commissions for successful sales)
Food deliveryMap awareness, ability to ride a bicycleAbout $4-$6 per order with the occasional tip
Admin assistantBasic Excel skills, interpersonal communication, willingness to learn$8-$10/hour (or) $800-$2,000/month
Brand ambassadorMarketing, keen eye for aesthetics, decent follower base on social media$16-$20/hour
CaregiverEmotional intelligence$16-$20/hour
Tutor, dance/sports/art instructorEmotional intelligence, ability to explain concepts in layman terms, know the right forms (sports/dance)$20-$40/hour
Singer/emceePublic speaking, charisma, great voice, confidence$50/hour
Remote worker/freelancerSales, marketing, a skill to offer, time management$10-$30/hour (No fixed price as you are the price setter)

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