UOB Lady’s Card Review 2024: The Good and Bad

Priscilla Lee
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UOB Lady’s Card

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The UOB Lady’s Card may be the only offering on the market that lets you match high earn rates to your spending habits. The catch is that – of course – it’s for ladies only.


  • Ability to change preferred spending categories every quarter
  • No minimum spend requirement
  • Excellent 4 MPD rate
  • Access to a large UOB Rewards catalogue


  • Only available to women
  • Can only choose 1 or 2 categories out of 7
  • Limited travel perks
  • Low cashback rate

Current Promotion

First 200 new-to-UOB credit card customers receive S$350 cash credit with a minimum spend of S$1,000 per month for 2 consecutive months upon card approval + Receive an Apple iPad 10th Gen 10.9 wifi 64GB (worth S$691.60) or Dyson Airwrap (worth S$859) or S$350 Vouchers when you are one of the first 200 applicants and make a min. spend of S$1,000 per month for 2 consecutive months from card approval date. (Valid until 31 March 2024) Click to apply.

If you’re one who loves celebrating your feminine individuality, the UOB Lady’s Card may be the card that complements your lifestyle.

And of course, it’s hard to one-up this card’s flexibility in being able to change your preferred spending category every quarter.

Signing up for a spa package? Set your category to “Beauty and Wellness” for the quarter. Taking a month off to travel? No worries – just change to “Travel.”

Today, we’ll review the UOB Lady’s Card, covering:

UOB Lady’s vs UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card

Before we jump in, note the difference between the two cards:

UOB Lady’s CardUOB Lady’s Solitaire Card
  • Low annual income requirement (S$30,000)
  • S$194.40 annual fee Choose one bonus category per quarter
  • One free supplementary card
  • Bonus rewards cap of UNI$1,800
  • High income requirement (S$120,000)
  • S$406.60 annual fee
  • Choose two bonus categories per quarter
  • Two free supplementary cards
  • Bonus rewards cap of UNI$5,400

Other than that, both offer the same reward points/MPD earn rates and are available only to females over 21 (including the supplementary cards).

Eligibility Requirements

UOB Lady’s CardUOB Lady’s Solitaire
Age & Gender21 and above, females only21 and above, females only
Income Requirement
  • Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR): S$30,000 or minimum fixed deposit collateral of S$10,000
  • Foreigners: S$40,000 or minimum fixed deposit collateral of S$10,000
Everyone: S$120,000 or minimum fixed deposit collateral of S$30,000 

You can apply via the UOB website using Singpass MyInfo if you’re a Singaporean or SPR. Foreigners may apply online with their supporting documentation.

Main thing of note here: unlike the DBS Woman’s Credit Card, this is for women only. Men can’t apply for this card even as a supplementary cardholder.

Fees and Charges

Annual Fees (UOB Lady’s Card Only)
  • S$194.40 (inclusive of GST) for a principal card with first-year fee waiver
  • One free supplementary card; subsequent cards at S$97.20
Annual Fees (UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card Only)
  • S$406.60 (inclusive of GST) for a principal card with first-year fee waiver
  • Two free supplementary cards; subsequent cards at S$192.60
Effective Interest Rate26.90%
Late Payment ChargesS$100
Minimum Monthly Payment3% or S$50, whichever is higher
Overlimit FeeS$40
Foreign Currency Transaction FeeUp to 3.25%
Cash Advance Interest and Fees6% or $15, whichever is higher
Card ReplacementS$100

Rewards and Other Benefits

Rewards (MPD equivalent)10X UNI$ per S$5 or 4 MPD on 1 or 2 selected categories, depending on the card
Bonus Point Cap
  • Lady’s Card: UNI$1,800 (S$1,000 monthly spend)
  • Lady’s Solitaire: UNI$5,400 (S$3,000 monthly spend)
  • After bonus point cap: 1X UNI$ for every S$5 spend (0.4 MPD)
  • Free travel insurance coverage of up to US$100,000
  • 0% LuxePay Interest-Free Payment Plan
  • e-Commerce protection for online purchases for up to S$200 per claim

Flexible Spending Categories

UOB Lady’s Card members can choose 1 bonus rewards category while UOB Lady’s Solitaire members can select 2 out of 7 categories, namely:

  1. Beauty & Wellness
  2. Fashion
  3. Dining
  4. Family
  5. Travel
  6. Transport
  7. Entertainment

You’ll have to select the category once you get the card for the bonus rewards rate to take effect. Thereafter, you can change your category/categories every quarter (or leave it the same if you wish).

This is one of the biggest perks of the UOB Lady’s series of cards, as few other cards would offer so much flexibility. Even the Maybank Family & Friends Card only allows you to change your selected categories once a year.

Rewards-to-Spending Ratio

Here’s a sampling of what you can redeem with UNI$1,000 (or S$500 in spending):

  • S$10 off Apple purchases at the UOB Apple Rewards Store
  • S$10 Amazon Gift Card
  • S$10 Don Don Donki voucher
  • 2000 KrisFlyer miles

That boils down to about 2% cashback or 4MPD at the bonus UNI$ rate. The cashback rate isn’t great – there are plenty of other cards offering up to 10% cashback on similar categories. The 4MPD is what catches our eye.

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4MPD may not sound like much compared to the 6-10MPD that the DBS Altitude Card offers, but bear in mind that MPD rate is purely for transactions on Expedia and Kaligo – not exactly flexible.With the UOB Lady’s or Lady’s Solitaire Card, you’ll get 4MPD on the first S$1,000 or S$3,000 of your spending respectively, on up to 2 categories of your choosing. Not bad for a card that has no minimum spend requirement to start earning bonus reward points.

How Does the Rewards Catalogue Compare?

BankRewards Catalogue (Categories)What’s Unique
  • Travel (4)
  • Leisure and services (15)
  • Dining (40)
  • Retail (51)
Extensive dining and retail options to redeem
  • Dining (9)
  • Play (2)
  • Service (1)
  • Shop (17)
  • Travel (4)
  • Exclusive (45)
Many options to use points to offset DBS credit card annual fees and bills
  • Apple products
  • Hotel and airlines
  • Electronics (49)
  • Home and garden (59)
  • Bags and luggage (159)
  • Watches (36)
Redeem full range of Apple products with points
Book any of the 300,000+ hotels and airlines with points   

If you love to dine and shop, the UOB Rewards catalogue may be appealing. It offers an extensive selection of up to 91 vouchers to choose from.

Citibank, on the other hand, has the upper hand when it comes to more targeted spending like travel and home-related rewards. It even provides an easy way to combine points with credit payment for travel-related bookings.

Downsides of UOB Lady’s Card and Solitaire Card

Here are a few areas you should take note of while spending with this card:

1. No Airport Limousine Rides and Lounge Access

Even though the card offers complimentary travel insurance coverage, it isn’t a travel-focused card. You won’t get the usual travel perks such as complimentary airport transfers or lounge access.

Then again, if you chose “Travel” as your preferred spending category, it’s easy enough to pair this card with another.

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2. No Clear Advantage to the Solitaire Card vs the Basic Lady’s Card

The upside of owning a Solitaire Card over the basic Lady’s Card lies in the additional monthly bonus points limit and one more category to earn 10X bonus points.

But bear in mind that at 2% cashback, the higher bonus points cap only amounts to an extra $40 in rebates – not enough to justify an extra S$200+ in annual fees.

This card is really only worth it if you’re after the 4MPD rate. Again though, it’s not a travel-focused card and doesn’t have many perks in that department.

Who Would Benefit the Most From These Cards?

  • Women who want an exclusive card that can cater to their spending habits (instead of the other way around)
  • Travel hackers looking for the highest MPD across all spending categories
  • Those who can charge S$1,000 per month in categories not often covered by other cards (or up to S$3,000 per month for the UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card)