DBS Woman’s & Woman’s World Card Review: Best Online Shopping Card?

Shania Wong
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DBS Woman’s & Woman’s World Card

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If most of your monthly spending is on online purchases, then the DBS Woman's World Card is a great fit for you. Its entry-level counterpart isn't nearly as attractive though.


  • High MPD with the Woman’s World Card
  • 0% interest instalment plans
  • Can pool points across other DBS cards
  • Good perks for online shoppers


  • Rewards are limited mainly to online purchases
  • Subpar earn rate with the DBS Woman’s Card
  • Points only valid for 1 year
  • Points awarded in spending blocks of S$5

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Did you know that there are various credit cards designed to reward women for their spending habits?

Besides the DBS Woman’s and Woman’s World Cards, there’s also the UOB Lady’s Card and its higher-tier counterparts. (The latter also happens to be one of the best entry-level rewards cards, by the way.)

Today though, we’ll focus on the DBS Woman’s Card and all its online shopping goodness. We’ll take a look at:

Eligibility Requirements

DBS Woman’s CardDBS Woman’s World Card
Age21 and above21 and above
IncomeS$30,000 and above for Singapore Citizens and PRs; S$45,000 and above for foreigners with a valid visaS$80,000 and above per annum for both Singaporeans and foreigners

With an $80,000 annual income requirement, the DBS Woman’s World Card is targeted at moderately affluent spenders. The DBS Woman’s Card is its entry-level counterpart.

But if you do qualify, we think the DBS Woman’s World Card is far more worthwhile than the DBS Woman’s Card (more on that later).

Note: Unlike the UOB Lady’s / Lady’s Solitaire Card, this card does not discriminate! Men can also apply for the DBS Woman’s/Woman’s World Card.

Fees and Charges

Interest Free Period25 days
Effective Interest Rate26.8%
Late Payment ChargesS$100
Minimum Monthly Payment3% or S$50, whichever is higher
Overlimit FeeS$40
Cash Advance Fee8% per transaction, subject to a minimum fee of S$15.
Cash Advance Interest Rate28%
Foreign Currency Transaction Fee3.25%

Annual Fees

Despite the jump in income requirements, the DBS Woman’s World Card doesn’t have a much higher annual fee than the DBS Woman’s Card. The former charges $194.40 (inclusive of GST) per year, while the latter charges $162.

That makes the Woman’s World Card a fairly competitive offering – at least fee-wise.

Automatic Waivers

An annual spending of S$15,000 and S$25,000 for the Woman’s or Woman’s World Card respectively will qualify you for the automatic annual fee waiver. (This is equivalent to S$1,250 on the Woman’s Card or S$2,084 on the Woman’s World Card every month for the whole year.)

But the automatic fee waiver alone doesn’t say much. You have to judge whether the benefits are worth spending that much on the card in the first place. That’s what we’ll cover in the next section:

Cashback, Discounts, and Other Perks

DBS Woman’s CardDBS Woman’s World Card
Points System
  • 5X DBS Points on online shopping
  • 1X DBS Points on other purchases
  • 10X DBS Points on online shopping
  • 3X DBS Points on overseas purchases
  • 1X DBS Points on other purchases
Other Benefits
  • 0% Interest payment plans over 3 months
  • Complimentary e-commerce protection on online purchases
  • Exclusive merchant discounts in fashion and beauty (e.g. Love Bonito, Pomelo, Cheongdam Korean Skin Management, etc.)
Ongoing Promotions Get S$150 cashback when you spend a minimum of S$800 within the first 60 days from card approval date. (Valid until 31 January 2024) Terms & Conditions apply. 

Rewards Online Shopping

…Or more specifically, “goods and services made via the Internet and processed by the respective merchants/acquirers as an online transaction.”

That means like the OCBC Frank Credit Card, in-app transactions (such as through Grab or Shopee) also count for the bonus reward points. E-wallet top-ups don’t, though.

The next best category to spend on is overseas shopping (provided you’re on the Woman’s World Card), but that earn rate still pales in comparison to online shopping transactions.

Reward Points System

There are also a few T&Cs to be aware of with these two cards:

  1. You only get points for every S$5 spent. This means that each transaction needs to be at least S$5 for it to qualify for points. Charging a $2.70 cup of kopi at Toast Box won’t grant you anything (except your kopi, of course).
  2. Points expire in a year, starting from the quarterly period in which you earned them. You can combine points across all your DBS cards to redeem rewards.
  3. Certain categories will not earn points. These are mostly the usual exclusions like utility and hospital bills, topping up of prepaid cards, and fees paid to educational/financial institutions.

How Much Are Your Reward Points Worth?

This really depends on what you’re redeeming your points for. Here’s a sample taken from the DBS Rewards Catalogue at the time of writing:

  • 690 DBS Points for S$10 NTUC voucher
  • 700 DBS Points for S$10 Toys’R’Us voucher
  • 1250 DBS Points for S$20 Mothercare voucher
  • 3200 DBS Points for S$40 CapitaVoucher

Given these point values, here’s a quick breakdown of what you’re actually getting:

DBS Woman’s CardDBS Woman’s World Card
  • 5X Points per S$5 (equals 1X point per dollar)
  • Capped at S$1,000 spend monthly
  • 2 miles per dollar
  • 1.25 – 1.6% rebate in the form of vouchers
  • 10X Points per S$5 (equals 2X points per dollar)
  • Capped at S$2,000 spend monthly
  • 4 miles per dollar
  • 2.5 – 3.2% rebate in the form of vouchers

With these rates, we wouldn’t recommend redeeming mileage with the DBS Woman’s Card. However, 4MPD with the Woman’s World Card is above average if you’re both an avid online shopper and a globetrotter.

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And as far as redeeming your points for vouchers, the low effective rebate for the DBS Woman’s Card means you may be better off with a regular cashback card. For example, the OCBC Frank Credit Card or UOB EVOL Card offer between 6 – 8% cashback on online purchases.

The one exception is if you tend to exceed the cashback cap with cashback cards. If you go with the DBS Woman’s World Card, you’ll earn rewards on up to S$2,000 online spending per month – something that most cashback cards won’t offer.

DBS Woman’s/Woman’s World Card vs UOB Lady’s/Lady’s Solitaire Card

Like the DBS Woman’s Card, the UOB Lady’s Card is the entry-level card of the series:

DBS Woman’s CardUOB Lady’s Card
Annual FeesS$162S$194.40
Min. IncomeS$30,000 yearlyS$30,000 yearly
Spending CategoriesFixed (Online shopping)One category of your choice, changeable every quarter (7 categories to choose from)
Points Earn Rate5X DBS Points per S$510X UNI$ per S$5
Miles Earn Rate2 MPD4 MPD
Bonus Points CapS$1,000 monthlyS$1,000 monthly
E-commerce protectionYesYes
Approximate Rebate1.25 – 1.6% rebate in the form of redeemed vouchers2 – 2.5% rebate in the form of redeemed vouchers

In this case, the UOB Lady’s Card is more flexible and generous than the DBS Woman’s Card, though it does come with higher annual fees.

Let’s see if that holds true for the DBS Woman’s World Card and UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card:

DBS Woman’s World CardUOB Lady’s Solitaire Card
Annual FeesS$194.40S$410.40
Min. IncomeS$80,000 yearlyS$120,000 yearly
Spending CategoriesFixed (Online shopping)Two categories of your choice, changeable every quarter (7 categories to choose from)
Points Earn Rate10X DBS Points per S$510X UNI$ per S$5
Miles Earn Rate4 MPD4 MPD
Bonus Points CapS$2,000 monthlyS$3,000 monthly
E-commerce protectionYesYes
Approximate Rebate2.5 – 3.2% rebate in the form of redeemed vouchers2 – 2.5% rebate in the form of redeemed vouchers

This is where we feel DBS outshines UOB. Unlike UOB, DBS gives a better earn rate with their higher-tier card while keeping fees low.

Assuming you qualify for both, the only advantage to having the UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card is if you want to spend on something other than online purchases. Otherwise, the DBS Woman’s World Card offers much better value.

Downsides Of The Woman’s/Woman’s World Card

1. Mile Redemptions Come With Administrative Charges

This is typical of most rewards cards (and miles cards, for that matter), but still something to note if that’s your main objective.

The selection is somewhat limited: you can redeem KrisFlyer, Asia, or Qantas Miles (5,000 points = 10,000 miles). The only budget option available is AirAsia at a rate of 500 DBS points for 1,500 BIG points. Each redemption will incur an admin fee of S$26.75.

Alternatively, you may opt in to the DBS KrisFlyer Miles Auto Conversion Program. This will auto-convert your available DBS points into miles on the 10th day of each quarter in blocks of 500 DBS Points for 1,000 miles. You’ll pay an annual fee of S$42.80 instead of the admin fees per redemption.

2. Lacks Travel Perks

While the DBS Woman’s/Woman’s World Cards do have their fair share of benefits, they lack travel perks compared with other credit cards. Then again, this may not be such a big issue since you can pool DBS Points and swap to a card like the DBS Altitude.

Whom This Card is Best For

In summary, you’d benefit most from this card if:

  • You meet the S$80,000 income requirement for the DBS Woman’s World Card
  • A big chunk of your monthly spending is for online purchases, including in-app transactions
  • You tend to exceed the monthly caps with cashback cards and want one focused on online shopping