12 Best Co-Working and Hot Desking Spaces in Singapore

Best Co-working and Hot Desking Spaces Singapore

Whether you’re a freelancer having trouble being productive at home or a solopreneur who needs an office space, co-working spaces are a viable option for a change of scenery.

And with work from home arrangements as the new normal, you now have more options for co-working and hot desking.

Today, we’ll go through the 12 most popular coworking/hot desking providers in Singapore.

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What’s the Difference Between Co-working and Hot Desking?

A co-working space is the umbrella term: you’ll typically find shared office spaces, dedicated desks, and hot desking options all in the same co-working facility.

Hot desking is the cheapest and most flexible option. You simply turn up and go with whatever spot’s available — which means you’ll want to find a place that isn’t so packed that you have trouble finding a seat. Expect to pay around $200 to $500 a month for unlimited access, or go with day passes if you only need it occasionally.

Dedicated desks — where you can park an external monitor and all your extra stuff — cost around $400 onwards per month.

If you have a team with you, you can also choose to lease an office space that you’ll share with other businesses (networking opportunities galore).

Top 12 Co-working Spaces in Singapore

Here are the 12 coworking spaces we reviewed (listed in no particular order):

Quick Overview Table of Top 12 Co-Working Spaces in Singapore

We’ll cover each of these in more detail below:

1. The Working Capitol

The Working Capitol @ Keong Saik Road

Website: https://theworkingcapitol.com/
Location: Keong Saik Road
Hours: 24-hour access

The Working Capitol has one of the most affordable co-working spaces around, but its facility is far from mediocre. Here, you get to work in a stunning historical building with beautiful interior design and have access to wellness programmes and experts to help you optimise work-life balance.

The space is also a stone’s throw away from affordable hawker fare, restaurants, bars, and shopping malls. You’ll never run out of lunch and dinner options — or after-work hangout places.

Amenities: Meeting rooms, event spaces, breakout areas, workshop rooms, phone booths, outdoor balconies, printer and scanner rooms, lounge, gym lockers, and even showers.

Best for: Those who want the convenience of working close to town and the charm of a preserved historical district. The establishment aims to inspire a melting pot of start-ups and members. In fact, fintech unicorn Stripe started with a modest 4-pax office at The Working Capitol.

Monthly rates: From $255 (hot desk) / from $700 (dedicated desk) / from $760/pax (private lockable office)

2. Workbuddy

Work Buddy Singapore

Website: https://www.work-buddy.com/
Locations: 45 locations across Singapore
Hours: Various timings depending on the space

Workbuddy is a great option for those seeking flexibility at an affordable price. One membership gives you access to all their co-working spaces, so you can change your office location depending on your plans for the day.

Maybe you want to try a hipster place today or go for a swanky vibe tomorrow. Or perhaps you want to work near your child’s school one day and next to a client’s office the next. Whatever your preference, Workbuddy has got you covered.

Workbuddy’s network of over 45 co-working spaces includes big brands like The Working Capitol, WeWork and The Hive. Memberships also run on a rolling monthly basis so that you can cancel anytime you need to.

Amenities:  Phone booths, printers, tea & coffee, meeting rooms, showers (at certain locations), bike storage (at certain locations).

Best for: Those who want the flexibility and mobility to move to various locations depending on the day.

Monthly rates: From $129 for five visits per month or $299/month for unlimited access (hot desk)

3. The Workshop

The Workshop Singapore

Website: https://www.theworkshop.sg/en
Locations: Ang Mo Kio, Bukit Merah, Lavender
Hours: 24-hour access

The Workshop in Ang Mo Kio is one of the cheapest co-working spaces in Singapore: a monthly hot desk costs just $220 a month. Hot desks at their newer Bukit Merah and Lavender locations start at $380, but it’s well worth it if you’re in the creative industry.

With an in-house broadcast studio, photo studios, workshop space, and even storage units, The Workshop is popular with creators like professional photographers and podcast makers.

Amenities: Broadcast studio, photo studios, printers, events rooms, meeting rooms, tea & coffee, dedicated lockers.

Best for: Those in the creative industry or who require a bit of studio space.

Monthly rates: 

  • Ang Mo Kio: From $220 (hot desk) / from $300 (dedicated desk) / from $650/pax (private lockable office) / from $400 (storage units)
  • Lavender: from $380 (hot desk) / from $450 (dedicated desk) / from $2500 for up to 8 pax (private lockable office) / $60/hour (photo studio)
  • Bukit Merah: from $350 (hot desk) / from $400 (dedicated desk) / from $1000 for up to 10 pax (private lockable office) / from $48/hour (photo studio) / from $24/hour (broadcast studio)

4. The Hive

The Hive Singapore

Website: https://thehivelavender.com/
Locations: Lavender, Carpenter Road
Hours: 24-hour access

The Hive is a popular co-working space with two branches. Its Carpenter Rd outlet is just 3 mins away from the CBD and has a rooftop café with stunning views of Marina Bay for your breaks. The Hive at Lavender, on the other hand, houses photography and sound recording studios that are open to the public as well.

Amenities: Phone booths, mailbox lockers, printers, freeflow coffee, community events, rooftop bar. 

Best for: Young entrepreneurs and start-ups, who get special rates when they write in.

Monthly Rates: 

  • Lavender: From $350 (hot desk) / from $500 (dedicated desk) / from $650 (a booth desk with more privacy) / from $750 per pax (private lockable office)
  • Carpenter Road: From $400 (hot desk) / from $580 (dedicated desk) / from $750 (a booth desk with more privacy) / from $900 per pax (private lockable office)
  • The Hive Studios (located within their Carpenter space): From $32/hour (portrait studio) / from $48/hour (fashion studio) / from $27/hour (podcast studio)

5. Cospace Park 

Website: https://cospacepark.com/
Location: Kent Ridge
Hours: 24-hour access

Cospace Park is another affordable option with hot desks starting at $300 a month. It’s quite far from the city given its location in Kent Ridge, but this can be a perk for those who want to work near NUS, NUH, or the One-North area.

Amenities: Printing facilities, phone booths, mailing services, in-house cafe.

Best for: Those who are working or studying in the West; otherwise the location is out of reach.

Monthly rates: $300 (hot desk) / from $1200 (private offices)

6. The Work Project

Website: https://theworkproject.com/sg
Locations: OUE Downtown, Bugis, Capital Tower, Asia Square, Great World City, CapitaGreen, Capitaspring
Hours: 24-hour access

For an upscale and exclusive co-working space in the heart of the CBD, check out The Work Project. The co-working space is functional and visually stunning, and more often than not, looks like a luxurious hotel lobby.

In line with its exclusive settings, The Work Project has five branches in premium office locations around the CBD, including Shenton Way, Robinson Road, and Marina View. Members also get exclusive rewards with upmarket brand partners like hotels, gyms, and restaurants.

Amenities: Gourmet pantry, free-to-use meeting rooms, event space (select locations only), workshop space (select locations only), dedicated nursing room (select locations only), bike storage (select locations only), mail services.

Best for: Those who need to work within the CBD area or have more traditional clients that you need to have meetings with. Members can sign in guests for meetings at the space.

Monthly rates: From $395 (hot desk) / from $765 (dedicated desk) / from $765 per pax (private lockable office)

7. JustCo

Website: https://www.justcoglobal.com/
Location: Various
Hours: 24-hour access

If you’re looking for a more laid back option in the CBD, check out JustCo. It’s a chain of coworking spaces designed like a hipster cafe, complete with an in-house barista even. With recreational facilities like an arcade and foosball room, it stands out from corporate-looking coworking spaces.

It’s also one of the largest co-working chains in Singapore with 21 outlets.

Amenities: Meeting rooms, printing facilities, quiet pods, pantry, mail handling services.

Best for: Startup owners looking for flexible office rentals, since JustCo can adjust your contract according to your needs. Free trials are available as well.

Monthly rates: $398 (hot desk) / from $750 (dedicated desk) / from $760 per pax (private lockable office)

8. ClubCo

Website: https://clubco.sg/
Location: Raffles Place
Hours: 24-hour access

ClubCo is an affordable tech co-working hub tucked away in Cecil Street. Hidden amidst the skyscrapers of CBD, ClubCo is nestled in a retro-looking three-storey building complete with neo-classical style architecture.

This hidden gem ticks all the boxes with value-for-money membership, basic contemporary furniture, high-speed wifi, and free-flow beverages. More than just a lease, ClubCo also offers users networking opportunities with media and tech industry neighbours in its historic building.

Amenities: Meeting rooms, private offices, free scanning and printing services,  phone booth, pantry, personal lockers, mail handling. ClubCo also has a cosy rooftop garden and pantry where you can retreat to for after-work drinks.

One of the biggest perks of joining ClubCo is that its membership fees are redeemable for food, drinks, and other club services. 

Best for: For those looking for a centrally-located coworking space. It’s right next to Raffles Place MRT station.

Monthly rates: From $400 (hot desk) / from $500 (dedicated desk) / from $2,400 for 3 pax (private lockable office)

9. Trehaus

Website: https://trehaus.co/
Location: City Hall
Hours: 24-hour access

If you’re a working parent with a young kid in tow, this is a child-friendly option you can count on. In fact, Trehaus is Singapore’s first child-friendly co-working space and a godsend for parents struggling to get their work done.

Their concept comprises different zones, including common areas where members can have their children next to them, a dedicated kids’ play zone, and a child-free work zone. Members can also drop their kids off for supervised playtime (at extra cost) if they need to focus on work. Trehaus even has an ECDA-accredited preschool and childcare programmes as separate packages.

Amenities: Meeting rooms, pantry, private call booths. Locker access, printing, and mail handling services are chargeable though. If you’re a little hungrier than usual, there’s even an in-house cafe selling brewed coffee, freshly-made sandwiches, and hot pastries.

Best for: Working parents who want to manage their careers without missing out on their children’s growth.

Monthly rates: $580 (hot desk) / from $880 (dedicated desk). For corporate rates and office spaces, enquire at ​​[email protected].

10. WeWork

Website: https://www.wework.com/en-GB
Locations: Battery Road, North Bridge Road, Jalan Besar, Robinson Road, Cross Street, Suntec Tower 5, Temasek Boulevard, Beach Road, Clemenceau Avenue, Prinsep St and more.
Hours: 24-hour access

If you’re no stranger to co-working spaces, then you’ve probably heard of WeWork at some point. It’s the third biggest provider on this list with 14 locations to choose from. 

With its host of facilities and flexible work configurations, WeWork is popular with freelancers and enterprises alike. Choose from a dedicated desk, lockable office, an office suite with private amenities, or even an entire office floor.

Amenities: Printing and scanning facilities, meeting rooms, well-stocked pantry, nap pods, private phone booths, bike storage.

Best for: With a city-wide network of workspaces, WeWork is convenient for those who want the freedom to choose when and where to work.

Monthly rates: from $426 (hot desk) / from $650 (dedicated desk) / from $1210 (private lockable office)

11. The Great Room

Website: https://thegreatroom.co/
Locations: Raffles Place / Promenade / Orchard
Hours: 24-hour access

The Great Room is another premium co-working space with a stunning interior. Their spaces have soaring ceilings and full-length windows with working areas that look like hotel lounges.

Amenities: Business clubs, event space, workshop space, meeting rooms, video conference rooms, private phone booths, nursing room, mail and package handling, free breakfast and coffee. Certain outlets also have wellness centres and even rooftop gardens.

Best for: Those who have business meetings with upscale brands and clients.

Monthly rates: From $750 (hot desk) / from $1,500 (private lockable office) / from $70 (day pass)

12. The Common Ground

Website: https://www.thecommonground.co/ 
Location: Macpherson
Hours: 24-hour access

The Common Ground offers freelancers and entrepreneurs an affordable co-working option in the East. There’s also a workout room that fitness entrepreneurs can rent to facilitate gym sessions, dance lessons, and other fitness events.

Amenities: Meeting rooms, event rooms, workout rooms, mail handling, showers, pantry, long-term storage solutions.

Best for: Apart from its appeal to fitness enthusiasts, the space is useful for those looking for affordable co-working spaces in the East. The Common Ground also offers discounts for social enterprises.

Monthly rates: Monthly rates: from $390 (hot desk) / from $490 (dedicated desk) / from $2360 (private lockable office)

Deciding on a Co-working Space

Choosing the best co-working space for you depends on how the space can fit your lifestyle and work habits. Consider the opening hours of the co-working space, your work schedule, your budget, and, of course, the locations. If you’re not sure about a particular co-working space, go down for a tour or sign up for their day pass or trial to get a better feel of your future working space.